We're a Minecraft commuinity focused on maintaining a safe and cozy server, run by silly people.



We use a plugin called Slimefun, which is a plugin similar to technology modpack. We have more than the basics of Slimefun, though, we also have many addons that expand your gameplay.


With Towny, players can create towns and nations to protect their builds and work together.

No Pay-to-Win

Donations are neccesary to continue the server, but don't heavily interfere with gameplay. All supporter perks are available in survival ranks.

Powerful Hardware

We run Wisteria on powerful hardware for the best preformance and a wider range of possibilities for what we can do in and out of Minecraft for the community.

Custom Coded

We have custom coded plugins on Wisteria that we use as tools, and to add more fun to the server. All of our plugins are open source, even if players themselves can't use them.

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